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Love you Laura Linney


Over the last 2 weeks, I have been researching Laura Linney. Actually, it’s been more than that since I’ve been working on this since I started at NYCDA almost 10 weeks ago now. Geez, how the time has flown by. I still can’t believe this English/Essex Boy is studying in NYC.

Anyway, back to Laura Linney: What a person. She is not just brilliant in acting but a true ambassador for life.

Last week I was saw the excellent play Time Stands Still. (Go see it, it’s a must.) I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go to the National Radio Press Q&A session afterwards, where several news reporters were there to ask questions. Of course, Laura Linney ready for a grilling from them, and from the audience as well. Ladylike, gracious and full of politeness, even at awkward moments Linney commanded the stage with elegance and poise.

I met with Ms. Linney after the session and told her how I have been researching her in school. Blushing with embarrassment, she laughed and said “That must be fun for you.”  I replied “It’s been bloody brilliant, actually.” After a short chat and a good old-fashioned firm British handshake, I left the Cort Theatre feeling even more fascinated by this woman, even though my legs were like jelly.

This evening I went to the Paley Centre for Media for an evening with the cast and producers of The Big C. It was a Q&A about the all about the origins of the show, how it began and how it is now promising to be one of Showtime’s biggest first-season shows. The cast – Laura Linney, Cynthia Nixon, Gabourey Sidibe, Phyllis Someville, and John Benjamin Hickey – were all there taking questions from the media and the audience. The evening was fantastic opportunity to find out just what goes on before a show is actually created. Pitching it to the networks, writing the scripts, and the ideas behind a hit show were all discussed. Executive Producer/Creator Darlene Hunt was on the panel, as were  Jenny Bricks and Vivian Cannon, also producers of the show. To top the evening off, my friend Lesley, a fellow NYCDA student, asked the cast, “Can you give an aspiring actor any advice on how to succeed in the business?” A rather stupid reply came from Gabourey. “Just fall into it like me.”  After her remark there was a suddenly silence. (I think the fame has gone straight to this lasses head, poor girl) Then Ms. Linney responded on a more positive note “Don’t be afraid to put your whole self into acting. But also don’t be afraid to try something else.” Wise words from a very wise lady!

So the moral of this story is not really about loving Laura Linney, it’s about getting out there and seeing what this amazing city has to offer you. Find something you love, research it and have fun while doing so. If I hadn’t gone to see Time Stands Still, I wouldn’t have found out about the Paley Centre of Media. Fate has a lot to answer for, but sometimes you’ve just got to give it a helping hand!!!


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